Monday, November 26, 2007

Little updates coming together

I've got the first part of the voice acting in now, Thermplugg's voice by Maladius. He recorded it at 2am, so it's a little sleepy in the battle scenes, which will have to be redone, but the rest is ready to go. Richeron, I need to poke you for your Mekkatorque voice, and Ormsby please fix your damn mic!

I hope you like my new logo, Snoman has let me have his guns from counterstrike to use in the gnomeregan movie, and I couldn't resist putting one on my Taly blood elf for the top of this blog. I'm also going to try and slip in a cameo appearance by the baron soosdon gnome-vibrator, hehe.

There is a new contest open up at and I'm slowly starting to work on an entry. A little like the last contest entry, it will be a vague storyline dictated by the music. Very Very Cheesy, which is what Christmas is about, right?

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