Monday, November 19, 2007

Gnomeregan Teaser

I released a very short gnomeregan teaser today on - hopefully it will be accepted despite not actually being a 'movie'.

It was any old excuse to get out of compositing trogg action in slow-mo. There are only so many ways a trogg can smack you in the face, you know?

I also found a lovely font today, called Butter, courtesty of Sveth of Numen who did the rather flashy Archimonde movie:

Here is another link for you, Olibith's latest little movie, a parody of the Omen trailer: I can tell you for free that I'm glad he didn't submit it to the Halloween contest, otherwise there would have been no prize for Taly!

Olibith has agreed to allow me to use his char briefly in the end credits/ out takes at the end of the Gnomeregan movie. Bless him, thank you.

Here is also something from Pinkhair, which is brilliant.

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